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Treasure in Clay Newsletter                                                    
August 2009


Provision Through God's Creation
A story of enabling Ugandan Women

Poverty is a dilemma shared by all in Uganda, but it burdens especially the women. Responsible for the children and other family needs, the women must work. They work the hard soil; planting, digging and selling crops that flood the market creating minimal demand, thus very little monetary return.

Treasure in Clay in partnership with local village pastors, is seeking a new endevour that will help these women earn the income they need. Goat keeping is a more lucrative market in Uganda and would enable the women to take care of their families. She will receive a goat and keep it until it produces offspring, she will then give the offspring to another lady and so on. A goat can produce offspring twice a year with two or three kids at once. The vision is for every women in the local church association to own a goat by the final phase of the project. There are currently 26 churches in this particular association.

The project has gotten off to a great start. We are happy to report 25 goats have been given to women already and we await in eager expectation as we continue to watch God multiply a little to feed a lot. Please continue to watch our prayer page for updates as we pray together.


Hungry for the Word
Women receive Bibles thanks to a supporter of Treasure's work

Kenyan women partake in the bounty of the Word. Unable to access the Bible on a regular basis, these women are thankful for the donation of Bibles that made the Scriptures so readily available. They were are also blessed with the spoken Word as JoNell was the speaker at this women's conference held here (at the church pictured), at dktjiej  ioejroi and oeijfoijdsk. Whether it be written

You can partner with us on this project through prayer and/or monetary support.