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  •      We provide education for children and care of women.
  •      Support for widows of martyrs.
  •      Housing for women, children and families suffering persecution.
  •      Contribute to ministries that are reaching out to those held in the grip of religious tyranny.
  •      Provide seminars, conferences, teaching, ministry and leadership development to nations
         as doors open.







Bridges of Opportunity...

     Treasure in Clay endeavors to marry needs around the world with your heart to make a difference. 

Dear Mama Jonell. Nice to meet you here. Am very excited to write to you. This is Rebecca pastor Abel's daughter and a wife to Pastor Joel. How's everyone over there? How's sister Lisa.  Oh we still thank God for your last visit to Kamengo Bible Church. It was such a great blessing to our ladies. Many families were changed and many hearts were reached to. I won't forget the details of Joseph how we should learn from him, especially about the three garments of Joseph and how God finally dressed him with a garment of honor. This visit was also such of a great impact to our church because people became more committed to the church than before because they realised if mama Jonell and sister Lisa travelled all the way from the USA to share the word of God then them that are close to the church and are in the community needed to spare more time for God and also spare time to share the gospel. May God enlarge your territories. Greetings to dad Kelly. And receive our warm greetings from Joel, and Kamengo Bible Church.
Love you dear